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*'The Pret Foundation Trust has a simple goal - to alleviate poverty in the UK by helping break the cycle of homelessness.'

I have looked up to Pret from the moment they announced giving away any unsold & unused foods at the end of each day, to feed the homeless. Many a times, I have witnessed little Pret vans park up at Pret stores; the drivers going in and collecting all unconsumed foods, on their way to set charities.

In recent years, I have also noticed and bought Christmas meals & drinks marked 'the Christmas special' that donate as much as 50 pence each towards homeless charities; my favorites being their Christmas lunch sandwich and Brie & Cranberry baguette!

As homelessness is something close to my heart, I felt I wanted to know the facts about the little snippets I saw of Pret and after doing a bit of research, below is what I have found The Pret Foundation Trust actually does.

The Simon Hargraves Apprenticeship Scheme.

Named after a trustee of the Pret Foundation Trust, who sadly passed away from Cancer in 2009, aged 41. 

I, like many, am saddened by the homelessness I witness and again, like many, I try to do my bit. I do some fundraising amongst other things and in my life, I have spoken to many homeless people and heard their needs. Therefore, I can hand on heart praise Pret A Manger because they look at the whole picture. They understand that merely giving the homeless food or even shelter is not enough. There are people out there in desperate need of psychological help and life skills as well as the basics of food, shelter and clothing. 

The Simon Hargraves Apprenticeship Scheme provides the following:

* Access to accommodation
* A clothing Allowance
* Mentoring
* Counselling
* Training to get a job within the Pret business

The Scheme has offered over 330 places since it first started in 2008, and two thirds have graduated and become full-time team members in Pret's shops and offices.

The Pret Charity Run

The idea which made me respect Pret a Manger for giving food to the people who need it, each and every day, instead of merely binning their unused foods. The fact that UK shops throw away approximately 1.7m tonnes of food a year, makes this act something not to snigger at! This idea has now been caught on and used by other companies such as Tescos.

GrassRoots Charities

The Pret Foundation Trust supports over 40 charities throughout the United Kingdom, within the communities local to their stores.
This year, as well as donating money, they have provided everything from showers, sleeping bags, to food shopping and chefs.

If the above hasn't impressed you yet, in Winter 2015, when all companies were marketing like crazy for Christmas, Pret A Manger decided to donate their entire Christmas digital marketing budget to charity!

Go Pret!

Clive Schlee @Cliveschlee Sep 12
Thanks for sharing this with me, Raha. It’s wonderfully written and we appreciate your support.


  1. Your blog is great!! So interesting and unique!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lesziah!! I'm so thrilled you think so!! :)))

  2. That's the chilling impact. If we don't want to be audited and don't want to be asked those questions, how to stop xtremism


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