Avocado Pesto

I always imagined that pesto would be difficult to make and time consuming but I couldn't have been more wrong! Pesto is so simple to make yet utterly satisfying!

This recipe is for an avocado pesto!

Avocado pesto is so versatile. It can be used with all kinds of pastas and sandwiches. For vegans, you can take away the cheese from this recipe as the avocado itself is such a creamy fruit, it doesn't need anything else added to it! For vegetarians, mixing the pesto with all sorts of pastas make for divine dishes and for meat eaters, I personally love and recommend topping some on your burger. Heaven for all to enjoy!! Also, if one is cutting down on oils, you can omit the olive oil in the recipe, as of course the avocado is wonderfully oily itself!

This recipe makes enough for a medium bowl's worth of pesto.


2 ripe avocados; peeled, pitted and diced
2 cups of fresh basil leaves (chopped)
1/2 cup of pine nuts
4-5 cloves of garlic (if you're a garlic fan like me- if not, go for 3-4 cloves)
Juice of a whole lemon
3 tablespoons olive oil (the more oil you put in the thinner the mixture and the less creamy)
a sprinkle of (sea) salt to taste
some black pepper to taste
1-2 tablespoons water to help the mixture if,as and when needed

What to do:

Combine the diced avocados, chopped basil leaves,pine nuts and garlic cloves in a food processor/blender.
As you see them smoothing nicely together, stop and add the lemon juice and olive oil until all is of a smooth consistency or when it reaches the consistency you prefer (I always prefer mine to be slightly bumpy!).
Transfer to bowl.
Season with salt & pepper (if you haven't already) and you're done!!!


How do you have yours?
Please share your favourite ways of eating with pesto in comments below! :)


  1. My gosh, I love Avocado and I've recently started to enjoy pesto, so will have to give this a try! Thank you for the lovely recipe.

    1. Oh that's great news!! And thank you!! :) Definitely come back and let me know how you found it! :)

  2. Hi Raha its Taha from Zest & Zing Spices. www.zestandzing.co.uk . Would love you to try our Vegan Pesto. What do you think ?

  3. Hi Taha

    I don't know where our previous messages disappeared to! Of course I would love to try your Vegan Pesto as you say it's dry pesto, so that would definitely be interesting to see how that comes out and I have put the details you asked for on the Instagram Message. Speak soon!


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