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On a very cold December day, on the way back from looking at yet another property in Nottingham, I came across a little market and there in the middle of the grey was the loveliest loose leaf tea stall. The large selection captured my attention but what brought the impressive range of teas to life was the lady behind it all, Dorota. She was just so open and lovely, and though it was freezing, talking with her just warmed me up!  We had a lovely chat and Dorota went through some of her teas with me and as I rushed off to catch my train, I took Dorota's details and asked if I could write about her teas when I actually moved to Nottingham.

Fast forward two months and I am finally settled in Nottingham and got to visit Dorota in the old market square last week. She and her boyfriend actually have what I can imagine to be a lovely shop in West Bridgford, called Snail & Rabbit. This is where Dorota sells her teas, tea sets and other items that she makes herself, such as jewellery, tea cosies, greeting cards and dolls; and is also where her boyfriend runs a personal training studio! Unfortunately, due to our respective busy schedules, I can't visit Dorota's shop until May, but wanted to share some of Snail & Rabbit's products now as I thought with it being near Mother's day in the UK, sharing might inspire some present ideas such as this beautiful book of teas that Dorota has made herself!


Snail & Rabbit holds about 80 different types of teas. I can tell you they seem to have them all, including some very interesting kinds such as 'Russian Caravan' with it's strong & smoky aroma, 'Ginseng & Pineapple' (Green tea, pineapple, with ginseng which is ideal for someone who needs more energy), 'Pu-erh tea mini Tuo cha cookie' ( is a red tea, post fermented , strong earthy flavour , helps burn  bad cholesterol. Pu-Erh is compacted and formed into the shape of a small nest. Each “nest” is wrapped individually in  paper and can be infused up to three times. Dorota says that drinking Pu-ehr after meals improves fat burning!), to more sensual kinds such as 'strawberries & champagne' (white Pai Mu Tan Tea with freeze dried strawberries), 'Jasmine Dragon Pearl' (Also known as the Imperial Pearl. White tea hand-rolled into small pellets, flavoured with jasmine petals; I am told this is the finest quality white jasmine tea), and a Rooibos named 'Elixir of Love' which consists of a heady rose and sunflower petals, to fun ones such as 'marzipan', 'choco chilli' and 'yoga warmer' (which is a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove and black pepper)

You name it Snail & Rabbit's got it!

I also found out that Dorota paints; her medium being oil and holds a masters degree in fine Art which makes sense as she is so creative!

I personally just adore this owl! 

 Mother's Day cards..

  I mean how fabulous are these rabbits, snails and dolls!!


 and she has a huge range of earrings she makes but I've only put a few up as these were my favorite.

and I could go on but I think it'd be nice for you to discover somethings in Snail & Rabbit yourself! :)

You can contact Dorota on:  Snail & Rabbit's Facebook Page

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