Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub (an extension from my Holland & Barrett Review - see 22nd Jan blog post)

I know my blog is all about food yet this is a rare occasion where I have decided to review a beauty/health product.
I did mention in my past Holland & Barrett blog post how I had not had a chance to pamper myself much. Boy, was I not wrong! It's taken me 3 months to get around to trying this body scrub! What did I think, you may wonder? Was it worth the wait, you might ask?............ 

I think it's the best body scrub I have ever used- and I have used many body scrubs in my life, including products such as Clarins, Decleor, The Sanctuary, Soap & Glory and Cowshed!

Why was it the best body scrub I have ever used? Well, for a start, it doesn't feel harsh, it felt that it scrubbed dead skin off effortlessly, but somehow managed to keep my skin smooth and silky - and not too oily like some products can be. It just has a great balance and I was very impressed indeed. I truly feel it got my lymphatic system moving and honestly stimulated my circulation and digestive system. I know this seems like a lot for one scrub- perhaps it is the power of the coffee bean - but whatever it is, I felt cleansed, healthy and smooth after.

I have heard that coffee scrubs can improve the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks and since I have both those things and have tried different potions and lotions in my life to combat them to find that nothing really worked,( though to be fair, the Clarins body lift helped my cellulite for a while, when it first came out, as long as I used it every single day continuously), I was totally skeptical and took that claim with a pinch of salt! I have only tried this scrub the once, two days ago, but it instantly made both my cellulite and stretchmarks look visibly better and having had a quick glance at my body right now, it seems to have stayed that way! *Note to self, use this scrub once a week religiously!!

The two tips I would give on this product is a) you need less than you think (as you'll see the amount of coffee is very generous) and b) make sure you wash off well and use a dark towel as it will stain your towel if you do not wash off well.

I don't know if you can tell in the photo but my hands & arms (amongst the rest of my body) look soo smooth and silky and honestly, feel so soft- something no product can ever maintain for me. 

Thanks Bean Body Care and Holland & Barrett, I have certainly found a find! :)

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