What I really think of GOUSTO!

Gousto invited me to try their service for free and as someone who will never turn down free food, I thought why not! In all seriousness though, I have always been curious about companies such as Gousto. I haven't really felt positively towards them if I am to be honest. I always felt companies like that wouldn't really be that great with recipes and probably more expensive then they are worth. Therefore, this was really the main reason I decided to try them- as I knew I would never try them if I had to pay for them.

So, what did this negative thinker of such companies, think of Gousto...??

Well, I can't compare others to Gousto, having not tried them but have to say that Gousto surprised me BIG time and I have actually ordered from them again (yes, actually paid!) and will do so again and again! (not every week mind you, as I live alone and do not need to make main meals every day- if I had people living with me though I think I would order every week for sure, at least for a while) So, this is how my experience went:

Firstly, I went on line to choose my two dishes. There was quite an array of selections and ingredients from all kinds of cuisines.

For my first box (2 meals/ 2 portions each) I ordered a 'Blackened Cod Taco' and a Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup.

Now, the way I eat, when I buy a ready meal for example from a supermarket and it says enough for two it is always enough just for one - ME! Therefore, I was convinced these portions would not be enough for two really and therefore not worth the money. 

So, the day comes, a friendly chap delivers my box and I suddenly feel like I'm in the middle of a remote part of Alaska and being sent treats via helicopter. So far, so good :).  Next, I take the large box into my living room and open it.

 I was very impressed with the neatness, organisation and coolness of the foods (the meats were kept in biogradable wool and icepacks too - which I am using both of still for other things), but what I was most impressed with was how FRESH every item looked. I hardly ever find things this fresh at my local supermarkets - honestly, everything looked like they had just been picked or/and made! 
I also enjoyed the lovely nice touch of getting a free wooden spoon which made me smile :D. 
Also, every thing was labelled with the portions, allergy notes and temperature best to keep in as well as obviously ingredients and sell by dates.

So, first for my Blackened Cod Tacos experience. I followed the recipe exactly and found it just soo easy and straightforward and quick!!  I filmed myself making it to show how the experience would be, without prior reading of the recipe card, not knowing at that point how straightforward it would all be! Here is the link (the only thing that slowed me down had nothing to do with Gousto but my stupid blunt knife!)

This has been my favorite Gousto recipe so far (ok, I've only tried one other!) and I shall be making it again and again and again! It's perfect for a warm day when you are hungry but don't feel like too much of a heavy meal - and a must and great accompaniment to a pitcher of (frozen) Margaritas!!

Two days later, I made the Chicken & Sweetcorn soup.

It was delicious as well and perfect for me at the time as I had a tooth ache and could only eat soft foods! As an amateur cook, what I enjoyed most about this soup was being shown how to pull a chicken. So simple, yet I never knew what that term actually meant. 

Oh and I needn't have worried about portion sizes! I ate tacos for both lunch and dinner that day and the above soup lasted me two whole days (and I'm greedy).
I honestly did not think I'd be giving a good review on Gousto- I had such pre-perceived ideas about it and am so glad I got the chance to try it out. Fresh food, delicious recipes, not wasting ingredients, a tip with every recipe and all the hard work of shopping and measuring taken out of the equation. Thumbs up on this one and looking forward to my next two meals: Turkish Lamb & Dill-infused Bulgur and Honey Baked Gammon with an inventive side salad. I can not wait!!

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