The Chocolate Show At Olympia this weekend!

I was lucky enough to go to the Chocolate Show Gala last night so I thought to share a little bit about it for those who are thinking of going this weekend. There was, as you can imagine a lot of chocolate on show and I am very proud to say that I think I sampled ALL! But as there were so many, I am just going to share a few that struck a chord with me.

The first people I saw were these two lovely sisters, third generation Munné - the first being Spaniard brothers José Maria and Trifón Munnrullols with their cousin Jose Maria Trullols Calvis who founded Munné & Co in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

This Guaba 80% was my favorite of their chocolates! Soooo delicious :) Diana to our right is the owner of Xoxolat and chocolatier too.

I tried her mint herb & bacon chocolate out of curiosity as I've never had bacon chocolate before and it just wasn't to my taste. I think I'd like to keep my bacon in my bacon butties! However, as you can see from the plate below, it was very popular to others!

and this was really interesting - tasting the alkalized cocoa butter versus the natural!

For me the natural was just superb and so much nicer!

Now, moving on to my favorite chocolatier, Alejandro Campos who is married to Ana Beatriz Parizot Wolter. They are third generation chocolatiers, following Ana's German doctor grandfather's Otto Wolter and Otto chocolates!! Their hacienda is located in Tobasco!  The fact that some of their chocolates were tequila filled may have had something to do with me liking him and their chocolates so much! But just look! Aren't they beautiful!? No filter needed!

This pack contains tequila, mezcal and passion fruit amongst others!

Googling Quetzalli, I came across the history (which includes a legendary crocodile; erm, yes, really!) and a really lovely & informative article by Karen Vázquez

Willy Wonka Mexican. Create gourmet chocolate

Moving from Mexico, I find what is in my opinion THE BEST dark chocolate EVER!!!!

Meet Rasmus Bojesen the CEO of Oialla organic chocolate! Oialla is a Danish company and their cocoa is from Baures, Bolivia.

I really took my time here, sampling the different percentages of cocoa but quickly went on to try the 100%. I can honestly say this 100% (as well as the 72%) is the loveliest, most sophisticated dark chocolate I have ever tasted in my entire life and I think I probably will never find one to beat it.
Of course Oialla have all sorts of chocolate but I was in a dark chocolate mood.

 And what exquisite packaging!!

And last but definitely not least, what a sweetheart Aneesh Popat was!!! Bless! Sooo sweet and helpful and yes, I got myself some of his chocolates to take home!

 These chocs are kulfi (saffron, pistachio, cardamon, fennel infused with white ganache) , Beetroot, Cabernet Sauvignion vinegar & hazelnut, HH Vara (Royal supplied - milk chocolate infused with rose, quince, vanilla and honey), cardamon coconut inspired by Kerala, Falooda (rose, morello cherry, saffron, infused with white ganache and Mango and fennel with honey mango. Believe it or not, I haven't scoffed these yet- I'm saving them for a special occasion where I can take my time devouring every bite and letting it all linger and envelope my taste buds!!! and on that note, I'll leave you in chocolate heaven!

More pics will go up on my instagram as I couldn't fit everyone here and if you do go to the event, do let me know what chocolates were your favorites!

*Btw, I was in no way subsidized to write or promote by anyone or anything - which is a bit obvious, cause well, it's chocolate!!!! ;D x

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