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If you follow my Instagram then you know I LOVE a good cup of tea! All kinds of tea from English Breakfast, to Earl Grey, to Matcha, to Rooibos and beyond! Tea is my comfort and I love how different ones have different effects on me and how the same ones have different effects at different times, ranging from calming, focusing, sleepy, energetic and everything in between. Therefore, I couldn't pass the chance of asking Roqberry if I could do a review on their Sushi & Spice Green Tea and had them kindly send me a box to try! :D

I have to be honest, I had no idea what to expect from a 'Sushi and Spice' Green Tea. I know what green tea tastes like (and I am a big fan of matcha tea) and I know what sushi tastes like, but I just couldn't figure out what the flavour would be. Was this tea going to taste of  raw fish..!? Was it to compliment alongside sushi? I didn't want to get influenced by my experience so I didn't look on their website so I could get the full unbiased experience and taste.

Firstly, can I say the tea bags smell divine! I don't know if it's the cardamom or what, but the scent is of a beautiful delicate (not overwhelming) perfume.

So, I brewed my tea for about 3 minutes and for me, I realised I needed to give it a couple of minutes more and also not drink it in between taking these pictures! So, I sat down, relaxed and drank it and no, it actually didn't taste (or smell) of fish! Even though it does have dried seaweed in there, plus I know some green teas can smell of fish. It tasted lovely, warming and the green tea came in strong.

Then I decided to eat some sushi with it and WOW! It did really, really compliment it. Then I had some after the sushi (yep, I tried it all!) and again, it was beautiful.

On the package it says to brew for 3 minutes and I understand why they say this as if you leave it in for say, 7 minutes, it becomes very strong. I actually ended up using the same tea bag over and over again, and loved each strength to be honest, as I like all kinds of strengths of teas, so that before bed, it was just a mild relaxing tea, much like how it was at the beginning and how Roqberry advises us to drink it.

What I love most about this tea is you can tell you are getting good quality Japanese Sencha Green Tea and that they are not skimping on anything! I also love how all the other flavours are subtle, complimenting each other, giving each a chance to make their appearance. Such as a taste of roasted Brown Rice Flakes (though it doesn't say they are roasted..) and the warming ginger visiting the tastebuds as nice surprise. 

Roqberry's Website describes the tea as:

'Tokyo in a teacup, this moreish blend of savoury, spiky, aromatic flavours offers a respectful nod to the art of Japanese cuisine. Yummy or as they say in Japan, umai.'

I totally agree and for someone who studied Japanese at Kings College for a few months, I am ashamed to say I do not remember much of my Japanese except to say Watashi no namae wa Raha desu! Which means my name is Raha! Which you all probably already know! and Genki desu ka? which means how are you/ are you healthy? Neither of which will help me order a nice cup of tea! (side note to self; study properly!)

The ingredients are:

Japanese Sencha Green tea, Spices (Cardamom. Ginger, Wasabi (Horseradish, Mustard, Wasabi). Brown Rice Flakes, Puffed Quinoa, Arame Dried Seaweed.

So yes, I see it definitely is a nod to some Japanese ingredients and therefore no wonder it complimented the sushi so well!

I am really impressed with this tea and now want to go and try a few other flavours, especially the S'Mores!!! And also the Masala Chai and Coco & Jo. Ok, and the Melon Berry and Orange & Root! When I get them I will make sure I write about them on my Instagram :).

*Please note I approached Roqberry and asked if I could review this tea. I did not get paid for writing this blog post (well, I did get the box of tea for free :D ) and as always my posts are all my honest opinions.

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