Chicken-Soup when you are sick!

If you follow my Instagram, you will know that I am at home sick! I had a severe asthma attack on Monday night/Tuesday and needed to go to A&E and have some nebulisers and oxygen. I then had to start taking a course of steroids. Again, if you have followed me on Instagram for a while, you will know that my life has been filled with steroids, on and off, for quite a number of years! I haven't talked about it that much to be fair and I keep wanting to write a blog post on Prednisolone and all it's side effects and how to handle them; what to expect etc. And I will write one soon, as soon as I feel stronger and my brain is less fuzzy! As I feel that for anyone who has to be on them, whether for a short period or a long period (I've had both experiences) it is always comforting to know what side effects are normal and that you are not alone.

But for now, I'm just going share a dish I made today (and yesterday). I posted what I ate for lunch today and quite a few people DMd me on Instagram and asked what it was and how to make it. The truth is I just bought a few ingredients when at my local Marks & Spencer the day back from the Drs, to make sure I had enough good food to survive on until I was well enough to do a proper shop. So, I bought me some:

1.Chicken thighs (as for me, chicken thigh is always so much yummier in soups and stews than any other part of a chicken! Plus chicken is amazing for anti-inflammation, anti-other things I'm not going to name to put you off your food! and anti-viruses and as an antioxidant, all due to containing the amino-acid, Cystene)

2.Pak Choi (because Chinese food of any form is my comfort food and I love the taste of Pak Choy, and always feel so much healthier after eating any - no surprise there as it holds an array of super nutrients - vitamin C, K, folate, calcium, beta-carotene, excellent anti-oxidant, selenium, anti-cancer and more!)

3. Spring onion  (because I wanted to keep my soup light and not heavy with onions)

4. A couple of carrots (as they are so good for lung health)

5. Ready made egg noodles (for a good mixture of carbs & protein)

and some fresh..

6. garlic (because they are good for so much I need right now. Good circulation, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and so on). Yes, I also have a temperature, my lungs are in pain and my sinuses are playing up, so yeah, I needed everything in a soup!

To be perfectly honest, I hardly remember how I cooked the soup yesterday, I was so sick! I remember putting the chicken in with some water and putting the fire on medium. I chopped up two spring onions, and added some soya sauce, sea salt and chilli flakes.

I then  let the chicken cook and then added the sliced carrots and a few minutes later pak choy. I know I chucked in some green beans I had in the fridge too at some point! This all probably cooked for 1.5 hours, simmering after 45 minutes or so.
About 10 minutes before switching the pot off, I added the noodles, put on a low heat and it was done!!

I ate a few bowls and felt so much stronger.

Then today, when I felt more compos mentis, I decided to add more to the pot as it still had two chicken thighs left as well as some soup..

So, I added more water, three big cloves of garlic, I kept two whole and 1 halved,
I added two big chunks of ginger and a few little slices too
I added more chilli, no need for soya though and a little sea salt. I ended up cooking the rest of the pak choi I had and a huge batch of spinach! And a few more carrots!!

I let all that simmer for probably 40 minutes and again, added some noodles towards the end.

These added changes made this soup sooo much yummier than yesterday! It was incredible.

*Apologies for not writing this in my normal recipe format, but I suppose it wasn't made in a thoughtful way so encaptures the real feel of how I cooked this! Also, apologies for any errors. But goes to show how easy it is to make some fresh nutritious soup when sometimes we just buy ready-made for convenience (which I have definitely been guilty of doing!) but it also helps when you are strung out on steroids so can actually get up and make the soup even when your body needs you to rest! So, if you're not on steroids and not on your own, like I have been the last few days, do yourself a favour and ask someone else to make this for you :).

Wishing Everyone a lovely Sunday evening! xx

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