Belsize Park, London NW3, UK

Thornton’s Budgens Plastic Free-Zone Supermarket

Thornton’s Budgens has been in Belsize Park since my childhood, and along the decades has made so many changes. .
In the last decade or more, Budgens became more environmentally conscious and very much about helping the community and now, well, actually, since 2018, this ideal expanded towards our entire planet and not just one local community.

In 2018,  Budgens  became the second supermarket in the world to have specific plastic free zones. I personally try to buy minimum plastic and to actually be able to go somewhere and pour your own juice or vinegar or oil or milk into a glass bottle and then buy it, is just so refreshing and genius. The question is why don’t other supermarkets do the same?

I suppose a lot has to do with cost. A cucumber, for example, lasts just that bit longer covered in plastic. This should no longer be an argument though, as our planet is in crisis.

The good news is there are more and more stores around the world going in this direction so here’s hoping plastic free zones can be the norm rather than a minority.

Budgens has so many plastic free zones- too many to put in pictures! But they include, cereals, coffee, pick’n’mix, nuts, pastas, olives,  vinegars, and oils to name a few!

 What’s really refreshing is how the plastic free zone doesn’t just end on foods. *Side note to the store manager-  if I were them, I’d put an actual label on the cleaning liquid glass keg; at first glance I thought it was water! Apart from that worrying second, this is just genius! So simple, yet so effective. 

Even washing powder!

Plus, the supermarket make such an effort to ensure a lot of their products are biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable packaging! 

 Bravo Thornton’s Budgens in Belsize Park! I really hope more and more supermarkets follow suit!

Raha xx


  1. What a lovely blog! And kudos to Budgens for being so pro-planet, including offering water for refill as pure as nature intended.

  2. Thank you so much! :). Absolutely, so much respect for them. I really wish other supermarkets would follow suit! And lovely point re water!


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