Lack of posts.

What a time it has been!! Being quite unwell (still not been fully diagnosed and still in pain every day!!) since late summer!! Then as if that wasn't hard enough to deal with (not being able to walk more than a minute before the pain starting and tragically not being able to eat very much at all without feeling even more pain!!) my then boss decided he wanted to change his practice's structure and had to let me go. Now for anyone looking for work, you know how hard it can be these days. It was especially hard dealing with the slap in the face of being told there is always room for me in that job yet coming in one day to be told I need to go. No discussions, no offer of compromise , no warnings. Scenes from 'Death of a Salesman' started flashing before me. And then to top that off to look for work and go for interviews in between A&E visits and daily visits to the doctor. I would literally half crawl to the interview, muster all my energy, sit there trying to be as sharp and witty as possible for half an hour and follow that with hailing a cab to rush me to A&E.

Luckily I landed a job- but only because people knew me in the office I already worked in, some I had worked with in the past.
Its my second week at my new job. The hours are much longer and unfortunately my 50 minute bus journey has turned into a 2 hour and 4 buses and some walking journey each way due to diversions til  January!! there's no working from home or choice of hours as long as I get the job done. I earned that after 8 years of working at my old place. Now, I have to start all over again.
Thankfully the team are very sweet but I shall take it one day at a time. One thing the last few months have taught me is you can never be sure of anything!!

Now, why am I telling you all this you may ask! What kind of food blog is this!? Well, I felt I had to explain why I haven't had a chance to post anything for quite a while. I mean I was still posting when I was unwell but it all just got too frantic and I had to take a pause.

I just wanted you guys to know I'll start posting soon. Hopefully this weekend!
I'd love to make candy apples and boozy hot chocolate (the boozy hot chocolate idea came to me as my manager mentioned making it for her Guy Fawkes party) and I'm yet to make a Biryani. Also, I want to try some Creole recipes in the near future. I really can't wait!

Raha x

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