A Luxuriously Cheap Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, a wonderful time, an expensive time!!! So, I thought I'd share with you the two super cheap yet super quality items that I have stumbled across in the last couple of weeks!

1. Iceland's Luxury Mince Pies - Well, I didn't quite stumble across them, more like when I heard that Good Housekeeping had voted Iceland's mince pies  the No1 mince pie, better than Harrods or Selfridges, I was honestly very sceptical and as a beloved fan of  mince pies I had to run to the nearest Iceland store and taste this for myself. Well, we've still got 13 days to Christmas and I'm digging into my second box! They are not only delicious and generous but also taste really fresh!
A very worthy £1.50 per pack of 6!
(*Gold Plate -£1.00 at Poundworld , *Gold Tree Decoration - £5.00 at Morrisons)

2. Doulton Courvoisier Liqueur Chocolates - Don't ask me why, I love visiting poundworld, poundland and any shop that contains the word 'pound' in it. I think it's because it's a novelty for me, having never lived near one before. Initially I'd go there just before pay day, then I would go there to buy props for photoshoots where I knew I'd only use the item once- but the more I visit, the more things I like - one example being the Jane Asher's kitchen selection. Such pretty things! But I digress! Back to the boozy choc! 

The other day, I went into my local Poundland looking for small fairy lights and my eyes caught a selection of Doulton liquor chocolates of different variety- There was a Jimmy Bean and a Baileys. I looked at the courvoisier one and had to have it. I think I was just intrigued to see how these would taste when they contained a cognac that costs anything from £20-£6,000!! Also, I wasn't familiar with the Doulton brand.
 So, I come home, put my shopping down, remember I needed to pop into the newsagents, the Doulton chocolate pack stares at me and I decide to pop one in my mouth as I rush out the door. I then rush straight back in. WOAH!! The alcohol content was immense! I could smell the alcohol on my breath and felt I had to wait before going to see my newsagent as he'd surely smell it too and it being the middle of the day, would suspect I was an alcoholic. I now read the box and it says Courvoisier cognac filling 45%!!!  On top of the generous and tasty filling (if you like cognac) the chocolate itself was perfect. not too sweet, not too dark. Just right! :)
For £1.00 this pack (well, the next one I buy as I'm already half way through this one) will be perfect for sharing at Christmas time and keeping people quiet for a few moments, guaranteed!

Merry Christmas!!!

*I have not been endorsed by any of these products

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