Cranberry Sauce Nigel Slater style!

Oh how I love Cranberry Sauce!! When given a chance, I will smother it all over any roast or sandwich, when people ask for mint sauce for their lamb at a Sunday roast, I ask for cranberry sauce. Apart from these here, I have two different jars in the fridge right now. One from my local butcher - cranberry & port and the other the backup, reliable Oceanspray. Marks & Sparks does a great cranberry & port too as do Fortnums.

Every Christmas I buy fresh cranberries- for... wait for it -... table DECORATIONS!!!!! How it never crossed my mind to make fresh cranberry sauce is beyond me!! I probably thought it would be too difficult to make. Boy, was I wrong!!

Thank you Nigel Slater for your fantastic Cranberry Sauce recipe. What I mostly love about it is it's not too sweet- you actually taste the berries and a bit of the sharpness. Just perfect. Of course, if you prefer your cranberry sauce sweeter you just add more sugar as you taste and go.

I encourage everyone to make this if only just to hear the cranberries pop as they get cooked. I was grinning from ear to ear!!

Here we go!!

250g fresh or frozen cranberries (I say use fresh whenever they are available)

100 ml white wine ( I used a Pinot Grigio which worked beautifully but since this post, I tweeted Nigel Slater asking him which wine he would recommend & he recommeded a Ribera which sounds amazing, so please go ahead and use that and let me know what you think! I will also try it the next time)
The deep fruit and spice of a Ribera I think. '

100g castor sugar (I used 115g)
a couple of long strips of orange zest to make into thin shreds (I didn't make mine so thin as I wanted it to look very homey and chunky :D)
*a couple of long strips of clementine peels made into thin shreds (if you like)
*shot of port (if you like)

What to do: 
 Put the cranberries in a pan with the wine and sugar and bring to the boil

Stir in the orange zest strips ( *I added clementine peels as well)

Simmer gently for 10 minutes until the cranberries start to burst ;) I ended up simmering for about 15 minutes
Remove from heat and beat lightly with a spoon in order to break up the berries - I didn't really beat them but just gently pressed on them whilst they were at the late stage of cooking and only slightly beat a few after - but then again, I liked some of my berries to show and didn't want them that smooth

Nigel says to taste the sauce as it cooks and add sugar or a squeeze of lemon if you feel it needs it.
He also points out that Glynn Christian, in his book, Real Flavours, suggests adding roasted black peppercorns, lemon, mace, grated orange or cardamon. Nigel himself often adds juniper berries, *strips of shredded clementine peel and sometimes a *splash of port.

*I added clementine peel and a shot of port. Magic!

Do serve them warm as both Nigel and Glynn suggest. Makes a world of difference.
I've jarred quite a few and am spreading them on my toasted cheese sandwiches for the last three days! Hope I have some left by Christmas!! As you can see the front jar is already half eaten and the funny colour is the edible gold spray I've decorated some with.


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