The other day I had absolutely nothing in the fridge and I just couldn't be bothered to go outside to shop so I looked in my bare cupboards and found some flour. I was sure you could do something with just flour - just what, I couldn't think of! I'm talking no milk, eggs, bicarbonate of soda, oil or anything else to add. So, I googled and found some pancake recipes that involved just flour and water. As this just didn't whet my appetite, I decided to go out and buy ingredients for a 'real' pancake. After scoffing all these delicious pancakes (pic above ^)- yes, I ate them ALL :D, I made a mental note to try the flour and water pancakes and compare the tastes and consistencies.
Well, today's the day I tried it and I have to say they were pretty good!! I highly recommend this for vegans or for anyone allergic to dairy and eggs. You don't have to miss out on pancakes! YAY!
The only thing I will say is that I felt the taste got a whole bunch better with two teaspoons of sugar added to the mix and strongly advise that! (I personally thought it was horrible without the sugar)

*reason there are blueberries in this pic is because I experimented by making some blueberry pancakes as well - my first ever and they were soo good! :D

 So here we go for both pancake recipes!!

 Pancakes that include eggs & milk


150g self-raising flour (I've used gluten free flour as that's what I had in the cupboard!)

350 ml of semi-skimmed milk
2 medium sized eggs
1 tablespoon sunflower oil
5 sprays of sunflower oil spray initially and spray more whenever/if you see the pan is drying along the way (some people just wipe oil with a kitchen towel on the pan or use a knob of butter if you prefer)
A pinch of salt

What to do!

Blend the flour and salt in a large bowl
Once done, make a well in the middle of the bowl and crack the eggs in the middle
Add 50ml of the milk and the 1 tablespoon of oil
Start whisking from the centre so the flour gently blends in, this will take a few minutes
Once all is whisked and mixed well, start beating the mixture until you get a good paste
Do feel free to keep adding milk whilst whisking and then later if you feel the batter is too hard
The consistency should be the same as thick single cream

Heat a non stick frying pan with your 5 sunflower sprays
grab a ladle and fill it up with the mixture
If it's hot enough (medium heat is best to avoid burning - this way you can measure how it's going) the pancakes will start going golden in around 30 seconds - all you need to do is grab a spatula like this one
and flip the pancake over!! Another 30 seconds or so and voila, the first pancake is ready!
I'm afraid I haven't tried flipping pancakes just using the frying pan but might give that a try soon and put it up on my youtube channel!

Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten Free Pancakes


150g Gluten free self-raising Flour
500ml water
2 even tablespoons of Demara brown sugar (you can use white castor sugar instead)

What to do:

Blend the flour, water and sugar
whisk for about 3 minutes (if using an electric whisker - longer if using a hand mixer) or until all the lumpiness goes - you will notice the consistency is more lumpy so it will involve more whisking
Now blend the mixture together for a couple of minutes (you can use an electric blender or just blend by hand)
Fry and flip exactly as above and honestly they taste really good!!

For toppings, pour over maple syrup or just squeeze some lemon and sugar or try my ultimate favorite of banana, rum, chocolate, nuts and cream!! OH MY!!!

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