An easy, sexy, delicious Valentine's drink!

If there's one thing you do this Valentine's Day, make this and the rest will follow!

Nothing gets one into the mood more than some bubbly! and no fruit is sweeter and sexier than a strawberry! Actually I can think of a lot fruit that are sexier, BUT strawberries are usually easily available, look pretty in a glass and perfect for sucking on to sweeten your palate after or with your drink- plus, it gives you a chance to start showing off your seductive moves!

 All you need to do is chill a bottle of your favorite champagne
Get two champagne flutes, 
Put a chilled strawberry (or a spoonful of chilled pomegranate seeds or a couple of chilled raspberries) in each glass
Pour two teaspoons of cognac over the fruit
Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon sugar over that
Fill up with champagne

and voila! Trust me, this drink is delicious! 

 *Champagne is at it's best when served at a temperature of 8-10C / 47-50F. This can be achieved by placing it on its side in the bottom of your fridge for about 3- 4 hours. If you have it any colder, you will miss out on the subtle tastes as your taste buds would be numbed and any warmer and it won't feel as light and will taste more heavy!Also note that pre-chilled glasses will make the champagne lose some of it's bubble!

 Happy Valentine's!

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