Lavender Lemonade

I have been wanting to visit a lavender farm for about five years now and since the window is for about a month and a half in the summer I've always missed it. This year was close, but I just about made it! The motivation!? To get some nice pics of lavender 😊 and to buy some to finally make my own lavender lemonade!

I have tasted lavender lemonade before and I have to say, the taste of what I made really surprised me. I can't tell you how delicious it was and I think some of the reason was due to the kind of lemons I used. I bought them from Waitrose and they did look lovely and somehow Mediterranean and I did think at the time they were a bit pricy. Now I know why - absolutely worth it. If I get a chance to visit that store soon I'll leave the name of the lemons in the comments below.

 I am going through a house move as I write this and I have to say the jug I made here couldn't have been better timed! It was soo refreshing, quench thirsting and hydrating as I was packing on a  hot summers day but it also kept me calm at an anxious time. I kept telling myself  to have just a glass so I don't get sleepy but I ended up having it all! And I was fabulously chilled  whilst I got my work done.

The recipe!

I feel you can add or take away to your tasting - and I didn't really measure that closely but just went with a feel which worked out perfect for me.

This is what I did:

Recipe for 2 medium size jugs:

what you'll need:

For the Lavender Syrup:

4  tablespoons of lavender- fresh or dried (mine was  fresh)

1 1/2 cups of sugar (some people even use coconut sugar but I didn't get a chance to buy any to try this, this time around)

1 1/2 cupc of water

What you do:

Grab a small saucepan
pour the water, sugar and lavender
stir the mix and slowly bring to the boil
stirring the sugar, making sure it doesn't stick or burn
Simmer for about 15 minutes, keep lid closed and leave to cool.
Some people use it immediately after cooling, others leave or another half hour, to seep in the Lavender flavour and others much longer. I left it for around 4 hours.

Once your syrup is ready you will need:

A strainer
A jug
 1/2 cups of fresh lemon juice ( that's about 4 - 5 lemons)

Natural violet food dye (optional) as you can see mine is blue! I couldn't find violet dye - I did experiment with red and blue which kind of went indigo / dark purple - I'm sure if I wasn't rushing I could have got a better colour but still, I was happy enough with this blue.

What  you do now:

Strain your lavender syrup so you have a clear syrup without any flowers
Pour it in your jug
Add the lemon juice in
Add some water to taste and full up to your desire
Add  ice

Decorate with lavender sprigs, lemon slices and add some colouring if you wish and there you have it! A refreshing, delicious lavender lemonade, perfect for a summer's day, barbecue, baby shower and of course pinterest!

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